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Need to know about Thai girls? You've come to the right page. My colleagues and I have had more than 15 years experience with Thai Girls while living in Thailand.

In fact if you add our experience collectively that totals sixty years. Are you envious?

There are many facinating stories about encounters and relationships between western males and Thai girls. Some have happy endings some have horrific outcomes.

However don't be discouraged by any negative information you might read. Here is a must read guide for men who want to chase bar girls in Thailand. It's called the Pattaya Bar Girls Report

Most of the negative writings about foreigners and Thai girls are due to the high expectations a FALANG (foreigner) might have of a bar girl. A FALANG meets a beautiful Thai bar girl and believes he can control or mold her into becoming the ideal Thai wife of his dreams.

Some might succeed but usually this is the path to a failed relationship. We don't read many success stories because they are not sensational enough. But there are some. In the above case I would say the FALANG is at fault. Continued below.

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Most bar girls are uneducated and that's one of the most common reasons they are forced to work in the bar. Working as a sex worker in a bar provides a Thai girl a salary many times higher than what she could earn in a job that coincides with her level of education.

The catalyst could be pressure from the parents to support the family, or the need to support her own child or children in the case of a single mother.

In some cases a bar girl might concoct a suitable scam to extort money from a foreigner. You can read about 15 common scams in the popular e-Book called Pattaya Bar Girls Report. In these cases the bar girl is at fault.

You might hear foreigners discussing Thai girls in a negative way such as "they only want your money" but these discussions usually manifest amongst those foreigners who gravitate to the prostitution areas of Thailand such as Pattaya or Patpong in Bangkok.

But please beware! Mainstream, educated Thai ladies can be more mercenary than Thai bar girls. With a Thai bar girl you are simply implementing a business transaction, you know where you stand.

For the bar girl the issue is money, for the man the issue is sex. - Some might make more of it, but at least everyone's cards are on the table, both parties are aware of the other's agenda.

When you take a Thai girl from the bar for a few nights you will soon find yourself in a relationship with a beautiful young Thai lady. She will become your girlfriend. You will have a GFE, a "girl friend experience".

But Thai women are not like western women. Thai girls act and think differently. A few days into this GFE you might suddenly realise it has ended just as quickly as it started.
How can you avoid that?
Answer: Do some homework.
Here is an excellent resource: For years I have dilligently followed the tips in this accurate guide with more than satisfactory outcomes.

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